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Customized & Personalised Flowers

Flowers has a personalization product that is revolutionizing the floral industry, and is making its mark on many markets that traditionally have not had an interest in flowers, like the gift market, the greeting card market and the promotional industry. 

By creating a process that embosses your own personalized message or photograph directly onto the petal of live, fresh flowers, Speaking flowers has combined the customized instant message with the emotion of a flower to create “The New Standard of Expression”, and given you the opportunity to print flowers for today’s era of personalization. This method of embossing images, photos, and messages onto fresh-cut flowers without harming or shortening the life of the flower enables to create a unique, one of a kind gift that promises to change the reasons that people buy flowers forever. When you see the things that can be done with an embossed flower, you will buy embossed flowers for many more occasions than you ever bought regular flowers.

This refreshing twist of the embossed on flower enhances the emotional response in both the giver and the receiver of the flower.

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Customized & Personalised Roses

Flowers is the only business which sells personalized, fresh-cut flowers with images or messages right on the petals. This makes  Customized & Personalised Roses -  Flowers  creations one-of-a-kind.

We have the ability to place corporate logos, wedding photos, messages and other pictures onto fresh-cut flowers. We also found that  Customized & Personalised Roses -  Flowers  had something to offer to those who needed promotional products, unique gifts, greeting cards, and corporate incentives and awards.


When it comes to tapping into such huge market potential, you will find that Customized & Personalised Roses and Flowers embossed are the perfect product for the following occasions, and many more: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations ,Corporate Gifts, Employee Recognition, Marriage Proposals, Business Lobbies, Fundraising, Family Reunions, Motivation & Incentives, New Product Rollouts, Hospital Visits, Baby Showers or Announcements, Non-profit Organizations, New Home Purchases, Restaurant VIP’s, Welcome Home Bouquets, Airport Send-offs, Romantic Anything, Decorations, Grand Openings, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Religious Functions, Invitations, Recognition / Awards, Trade Show Promotion, Get Well Gift.

Some Standard Messages  Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversay, Happy Easter, I Love you, Thinking of you, Just Because, Mom's the Best, Mom You are the best, Beloved Husband, Beloved Wife, Always In our hearts, Dad's The greatest, Congratulations, It's Boy, It's Girl, Good Job!, Thanks for all you do, Be Mine!, Best of Luck, Thanks,Thank you, Good Luck!, I Love you Grandma, Will You Marry Me ?, Happy Mothers day, I Love you Mom, We Love you, I'm, Very Sorry, Happy Holidays

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